The Rt Hon. The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Global Law Summit 2015

The Future of Forensic Science in Criminal Trials – Kalisher Lecture

The Judiciary, The Executive and Parliament: Relationships and the Rule of Law

The State of Justice in Wales

Dinner for Her Majesty’s Judges

IT for the Courts – Creating a digital future

Reshaping Justice

Justice in one fixed place or several? – Birkenhead Lecture 2013

Vulnerable witnesses in the administration of criminal justice

The Rt Hon. The Lord Dyson

The English Experience of Access to Justice Reform

Harbour Lecture: Confronting Costs Management

Liberties, Customs and the Free Flow of Trade

Delay Too Often Defeats Justice (Law Society Magna Carta event)

The Contribution of Construction Cases To The  Development Of The Common Law, Keating Lecture 2015

Advances in Open Justice in England and Wales

Speech at the swearing-in of the Lord Chief Justice, The Rt Hon. The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd

Valedictory addresses for Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice

The application of the amendments to The Civil Procedure Rules

District Judges’ Annual Seminar

Compensation culture: Fact or fantasy?

Litigators: Survive and thrive

Sir Terence Etherton

Contract Formation and the Fog Of Rectification

Sir Brian Leveson

The Parmoor Lecture: Achieving consistency in sentencing

Sir James Munby

The Family Justice Reforms: Remarks by Sir James Munby

Annual Dinner of the Family Law Bar Association 2014

Lord Justice Gross

RAF Legal Services Conference

Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System

The Judiciary: The Third Branch of the State

What is Crime?: The Limits Of Criminalisation Conference

Address to the National Bench Chairman’s Forum conference: A review of the year

Lord Justice Jackson

Harbour Lecture: Confronting Costs Management

The Professions: Power, Privilege and Legal Liability

Concurrent Liability: Where Have Things Gone Wrong?

Cost Law and Practice Conference

Reforming The Civil Justice System – The Role of IT Society for Computers and Law

Lord Justice Jackson’s handout for the Legal Action Group

The Post-Jackson World

Why ten per cent? Tenth Lecture in the Implementation Programme

Third Party Funding or Litigation Funding

Focusing Expert Evidence and Controlling Costs

Technical Aspects of Implementation

Legal Aid and the Costs Review Reforms

Lord Justice Vos

Presentation to the Conference in Brno Czech Republic

Lord Judge

Toulmin Lecture in Law and Psychiatry

Judge for Yourself

Lord Phillips

15th Australian Institute of Judicial Administration Oration

Lord Woolf

A new constitutional consensus

Sir Anthony Clarke

A UK perspective on EU civil justice: Impact on domestic dispute resolution

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury

Docketing: Completing case management’s unfinished revolution

Sir Nicolas Wall

Annual Resolution Conference

Lord Justice Goldring

Improving Judicial Diversity: Westminster Legal Policy Forum Keynote Seminar

Sir Nicolas Wilson

The ears of the child in family proceedings

A child’s right to understand – a judge’s responsibility to explain

Lord Justice Laws

Our Lady of the Common Law: Incorporated Council of Law Reporting Annual Lecture

Lord Justice Moses

The Ebsworth Lecture – Looking the other way