Association of Her Majesty’s District Judges

Represents all the district judges who exercise a civil and family jurisdiction.

The Association of Her Majesty’s District Judges represents all 420 of the district judges who exercise a civil and family jurisdiction in the county courts and district registries of the High Court throughout England and Wales. Acting through its committee and officers, the association gives pastoral advice and assistance to its members. It also represents the district bench in varied discussions and meetings with the senior judiciary, HMCTS and many other organisations.

National committee 2016/17

District Judge

Officers Responsibilities
Marshall Phillips
Howard Kemp
Senior Vice President
Richard Lumb Junior Vice President
Heather Johns Immediate Past President and Almoner
Tacey Cronin Hon Secretary – Contact address for all correspondence
Geoffrey Sandercock Hon Treasurer and Membership Secretary

Circuit Representatives

Name Circuit
Lloyd North South East (North)
Karen Doyle Northern circuit
Hywel James Wales
Stephanie Cope Western circuit
Kevin Harper South East (South)
Andrew Dodsworth London
Glennis Corkhill North East circuit
Keith Etherington Midland circuit

Co-opted members

Chris Simmonds Judicial College Course Director – Family
Richard Clarke and Caroline Bell Information Technology
Nigel Law Public relations adviser
Michael Anson and Lindsey George Joint Judicial College Course Director – Civil
Ian Avent Hon Dinner Secretary

Also invited to attend as necessary

Name Committee member
Chris Darbyshire Family Procedure Rules
Chris Lethem Civil Procedure Rules
Dympna Maughan Mentor and Appraisal Committee
Tony Woodburn JAC Advisory Group
Peter Avis Bulletin Editor


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