Guide to Judicial Conduct – Revised July 2016


July 2016

The Judicial HR Committee of the Judges’ Council is in the process of revising the Guide to Judicial Conduct to make it more readily accessible to the whole of the judiciary.  It hopes to be able to present a revised draft to the Judges’ Council for publication during the coming year.

In the meantime, judges’ attention is drawn to the attached interim revision of the 2013 Guide.  This brings the current version up to date with, amongst other things, references to the JCIO etc and the guidance on reporting minor offences (published in July 2015).

In particular, judges are asked to note the guidance that has been issued at paragraph 8.4.4 on their involvement in disciplinary panels of sporting, charitable or other organisations or in religious courts or similar bodies.  Judges to whom this might apply, either now or in the future, should to speak to their relevant Presiding Judge, Family Division Liaison Judge or Chamber President.

A full list of amendments is attached to the Guide.  Other paragraphs, including the opening sections remain unchanged pending the forthcoming revision.


Published by the Judges’ Council October 2004. First Supplement published June 2006. Second Supplement published March 2008. Revision published August 2011. Revision published March 2013. This revision published July 2016.