Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights in Employment Tribunals

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A Working Group of Employment Judges has produced the attached consultation paper in response to the need identified by Lord Justice Underhill in Griffin v Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust [2014] IRLR 962, to review the 2003 booklet ‘Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights: Employment Tribunals’ in order to reflect recent changes in pension law and practice.

The 2003 booklet was produced with significant assistance from the Government Actuary’s Department but no funding is currently available to support their continued involvement. In these circumstances the decision was made by both Employment Tribunal Presidents to establish a Cross Border Judicial Working Group. The Working Group now wishes to consult a wide range of Employment Tribunal system users and specialist practitioners in the pensions field before finalising revised guidance in this highly technical area.

The consultation is proceeding in parallel in England and Wales and Scotland, given that the Working Group is a joint enterprise between the two jurisdictions.

The closing date for the consultation is 20 May 2016.


Brian Doyle
Shona Simon

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