Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the High Court (Chancery Division) in London: Tsai

|Contempt of Court

In the High Court (Chancery Division)

Claim No: CR-2013-005582

21 July 2017


Mrs Justice Rose


Julie Anne Palmer and Nicholas Edward Reed
(joint liquidators of Changtel Solutions UK Limited (in liquidation))


Ji-Chuen Jason Tsai

In relation to claim no. CR-2013-005582, on 21 July 2017 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London Mrs Justice Rose sentenced Mr Ji-Chuen Jason Tsai to an immediate custodial sentence of 18 months for contempt of Court. The basis of the sentence was that Mr Tsai committed 27 breaches of a freezing order made against him by Mr Justice Birss on 15 February 2017. That order required Mr Tsai (i) immediately and to the best of his ability to inform the Applicants’ solicitors of all his assets worldwide whether in his own name or not and whether solely or jointly owned giving the value, location and details of all such assets;

(ii) within two working days after being served with the Freezing Order to swear and serve on the Applicants’ solicitors an affidavit setting out that information; and (iii) immediately to deliver up to the Applicants’ solicitors each and every passport relating to the Respondent and any other travel document relating to him. Mr Tsai breached that order by failing to deliver up his Taiwanese passport and using it to travel to Taiwan, by making a First Affirmation in purported compliance with his disclosure obligation which failed to disclose numerous bank accounts and properties in the United Kingdom and overseas or in which he falsely stated that certain assets were solely owned by members of his family and that he had no beneficial interest in them. Sentences of imprisonment were imposed in respect of 22 of the breaches, ranging from four weeks to 18 months’ imprisonment, some sentences to run concurrently.

Mrs Justice Rose