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Going to court

Court of Appeal
The Court of Appeal is an appellate court, meaning that it deals with appeals from the ‘lower’ courts.
Crown Court
The Crown Court deals with more serious criminal cases such as murder, rape or robbery, some of which are on appeal or referred from magistrates' courts.
Family Law Courts
Family matters are dealt with in the Family Division of the High Court, by district judges in County Courts and in Family Proceedings Courts.
High Court
The High Court has three divisions: Chancery, Queen’s Bench and Family. All three divisions hear appeals from other courts, as well as “first instance” cases.
Magistrates' Court
Magistrates, also known as Justices of the Peace, are unpaid trained members of their local community.
Tribunals deal with over a million cases a year, on dozens of different issues
Advice for Litigants in Person
Material produced by judges to help those going to court without legal representation
County Court and Patents County Court
County Courts deal with civil (non-criminal) matters. Civil court cases arise where an individual or a business believes their rights have been infringed.
What do I call a judge?
There are certain protocols that are followed when addressing members of the judiciary.

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