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Evans -v- Information Commissioner

Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) decision

Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber)

18 September 2012

Appeal Number: GI/2146/20101; Neutral Citation Number [2012] UKUT 313 (AAC) Comprising 7 transfers by the First-tier Tribunal of appeals from decision notices issued by the Information Commissioner (see Open Annex 1)


Mr Justice Walker
Upper Tribunal Judge John Angel
Ms Suzanne Cosgrave

Rob Evans (Appellant)


Information Commissioner (Respondent)

Additional Parties:

(1) Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
(2) Department of Health
(3) Department for Children, Schools and Families
(4) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
(5) Department for Culture, Media and Sport
(6) Northern Ireland Office
(7) Cabinet Office


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