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Term dates

The term dates for the legal year apply to sittings in the High Court and Court of Appeal only, and are fixed in accordance with the Practice Direction which supplements Part 39 of the Civil Procedure Rules available on the Ministry of Justice website.


Hilary: Monday, 12th January to Wednesday, 1st April
Easter: Tuesday, 14th April to Friday, 22nd May*
Trinity: Tuesday, 2nd June to Friday, 31st July
Michaelmas: Thursday, 1st October to Monday, 21st December

*Courts not sitting on Monday, 4th May because of the early May Bank Holiday


Hilary: Monday, 13th January to Wednesday, 16th April
Easter: Tuesday, 29th April to Friday, 23rd May*
Trinity: Tuesday, 3rd June to Thursday, 31st July
Michaelmas: Wednesday, 1st October to Friday, 19th December

*Courts not sitting on Monday, 5th May because of the early May Bank Holiday


Hilary: Friday, 11th January - Wednesday, 27th March
Easter: Tuesday, 9th April - Friday, 24th May *
Trinity: Tuesday, 4th June - Wednesday, 31st July
Michaelmas: Tuesday, 1st October - Friday, 20th December

*Courts not sitting on early May Bank Holiday on 6 May 2013


Hilary: Wednesday, 11th January to Wednesday, 4th April 2012
Easter: Tuesday, 17th April to Friday, 1st June 2012 *
Trinity: Tuesday, 12th June to Tuesday, 31st July 2012
Michaelmas: Monday, 1st October to Friday, 21st December 2012

*Courts not sitting on early May Bank Holiday on 7 May 2012


Hilary: Tuesday 11 January - Wednesday 20 April 2011
Easter: Wednesday 4 May - Friday 27 May 2011
Trinity: Tuesday 7 June - Friday 29 July 2011
Michaelmas: Monday 3 October - Wednesday 21 December 2011


Hilary: Monday 11 January - Wednesday 31 March 2010
Easter: Tuesday 13 April - Friday 28 May 2010*
Trinity: Tuesday 8 June - Friday 30 July 2010
Michaelmas: Friday 1 October - Tuesday 21 December 2010

*Courts will not sit on Monday 3 May 2010 since this will be a bank holiday


Hilary: 12 January - Wednesday 8 April 2009
Easter: 21 April - Friday 22 May 2009*
Trinity: 2 June - Friday 31 July 2009
Michaelmas: 1 October - Monday 21 December 2009

*Courts will not sit on Monday 4 May 2009 as this will be a Bank Holiday.


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