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Judges, magistrates and tribunal judges

Find out about the members of the judiciary, including biographies of senior judges, examples of court dress, how to address judges and magistrates, and information about judges' career paths.

List of members of the judiciary
All judges are appointed by Royal Warrant upon recommendation by the Lord Chancellor.
Day in the life  of...
Members of the judiciary write about their own daily working lives.
Information about shadowing a judge
"There is no substitute for sitting with a judge when trying to assess if Judicial Office would be of interest."
Judges' career paths
How to become a judge, the appointments process, and information about judicial diversity: gender, age and ethnicity
Biographical details of senior judges in England and Wales.
Court dress
The robes worn by judges are just about the most distinctive working wardrobe in existence.
Terms of service
Information about judicial salaries, working hours, training and appointments.
Judiciary in the community
Many judges and magistrates are actively involved in work with students on initiatives such as Judges in Schools and Mock Trial competitions.
Magistrates, judges and tribunal judges on their work, interests, and personal views of the justice system.
Publications, statistics and information on judicial diversity - and what is being done to increase it.
How the judiciary are trained
Judges are trained both when they are newly appointed and continuously during their careers.

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